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Asia Gaming ANDROID ⚡ APK
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Asia Gaming Casino Malaysia

Asia gaming software was established in 2022, and Asia gaming is the world’s most innovative and largest Asian live gaming provider. Asia Gaming is the most innovative and highly ranked gaming software; it is full of creative and professional ideas. A vast list of the Asia gaming online casinos is present on the Asia gaming official website.
You need to open the website and then Asia gaming login and start playing the different games. Many celebrities worldwide have joined the Asia gaming casinos and played fun. You can win the other Asia gaming slots by playing the different games on this platform.

Asia Gaming Company:-

Asia Gaming Company offers different games and many Asia gaming slots that they can enjoy at any time. The Asia Gaming Life’s casino platform consists of five lobbies: VIP, AGIN, AGQ, BID, and Multiply. Moreover, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore use this software for gaming purposes and give good reviews about the Asia Gaming casino.
Asia Gaming is the best solution if you want to experience this field. They offered bonuses, free trials, spins, free slots, and many benefits to their customers and new players. So players can play the games at any time and any place, they offer 24/7 services.
Asia gaming company is offering the 3 D games in the international markets for the players and provides the opportunity of the live dealers streamed. This platform is the best opportunity for the players to play the Asia gaming online casinos with friends and families. You can get all the information about Asia gaming at the Asia gaming official website. You can get all the Asia gaming information about the Asia gaming live Casino at their official websites.

Games offered by Asia Gaming: _

A huge collection of games is offered by Asia gaming for players worldwide. Still, people from Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand are more interested in playing different games on this software. Asia Gaming is the best software for you if you want to get a lot of gaming experience. It is the world’s best game provider company that helps increase the player’s gaming experience and increase the rating and reviews of the Asia gaming software.
Asia gaming company is offering professional and Customizable services to their players. It is the best safe, secure, and fast mobile platform where you can play different games without any problem. Players need to visit the Asia gaming official website and then get the all Asia gaming news there. All information regarding the Asia gaming live casinoAsia gaming slot, and Asia online gaming is mentioned on their official website for the customers.
Asia Gaming is the best platform to offer a high experience to their players by delivering the various Asia gaming casinos. Asia gaming is the first software that provides the first pre-dealing six cards, interactive bid baccarat, and squeeze baccarat. Players can experience extraordinary by playing all these games on the Asia gaming platform.

Asia gaming live casino:-

As we know, people mostly prefer online gambling compared to land-based gaming for many reasons. The first most important thing is that it is much easier to play the games online than the land-based as we do not need to travel and play the games.
We can play all your favorite games at home and place a bet on them. Asia gaming live casinos are much easy as compared to land-based betting. Many different gaming platforms are available on the gaming website, and you can easily place a bet without any difficulty.
Asia gaming online casinos are much easier to play, and you can select the games according to your choice and download them on your device by the download app. Different groups are available for the players’ connivance; joining the Asia gaming group allows you to access all games. All links are available in the group, so you can easily get from the group one you want to play.

Asia gaming employees:-

The employees of Asia gaming are using both English and Chinese languages for the convenience of the customers and clients. The Asia gaming company offers games that we can play on the ios, android, blackberry, and many other window devices. The studio of Asia gaming is located in the Philippines. It is the best gaming software having the largest and the latest collection of the Asia gaming casino for the customers. The Asia gaming live casino also offers many bonuses to their customers and clients. Different types of promotions and bonuses are provided for the players, like free spins.
You can play the games that are available for you on the Asia gaming official websites for the players and get the chance of free spins as an experience. Players can also earn cash prizes after winning the Asia gaming platform. You can play the Asia gaming online games there and get cash prizes. Gamblers can bet on the Asia gaming online casino games and have the opportunity to play the free spins, free trails, bonuses, advantages, and many more. Downloading options are also available for the players and customers. So, they can download the games on their devices. And get the chance to win the free spins, free trials, free slots, and many more.
Asia gaming employers have more than 70 attractive Asian dealers dressed up very well and are always available for the players’ help. They are lively and talkative, solve your problem in just a few minutes, and give you a good response.
Their 24/7 availability gives the comfort to the player that he can take any assistance anytime and anywhere, so keep playing and win a lot. 

 Asia Gaming Software

This Asian iGaming solution provider has superb and engaging software in place for casino operators.

  1. Branded Casino

This professional and customizable service offered by Asia Gaming aims to fulfill all the needs of casino operators. The customizable service includes:

  • Actress Dealers- a famous and gorgeous actress, will be transformed into the attentive dealer to serve your casino players with a whole new baccarat experience as well as delivering an extra visual enjoyment.
  • Dedicated Game Table- Asia Gaming will create two or more customized game tables for you as a casino operator in the actress dealer hall. The style of those tables is fully customizable to meet your brand’s needs.
  • Game Hall Background- With this fully customizable service, you could brand your exclusive game hall with your logo and add your corporate site.
  • Custom Hall Icon- in Asia Gaming live platform, your unique icon will be added for your hall, and this aims at distinguishing your threshold from any other normal galleries.
  • Physical Logo Backdrop- in the customs hall, you could choose to use your logo and other branding elements to create a unique setting.
  • Promotional Material- Asia Gaming is dedicated to providing a series of promotional materials for all operators to drive further attention from players.

  1. AGIN

AGIN, another software offered by Asia Gaming, is Live Casino software built to the highest specification and equipped with the finest and most advanced technology to deliver the most impressive gaming experience for all players. It comes with a variety of games such as:

  • Baccarat
  • Sic Bo
  • Roulette
  • Bull Bull
  • Multiplayer
  • Dragon Tiger.
    Gorgeous and professional dealers handle these games, and they are all under 24/7 surveillance for an effective gaming experience.

Asia Gaming API Integration

Our clients have nothing to worry about regarding updates and new releases from Asia Gaming. Our team is committed to updating our casino operators on new games, promotions, services, and products available for their online Casinos. We also provide analysis-based recommendations of promotions and bonuses available on games and products. By integrating Asia Gaming on your online Casino with our unified API, you will also be abreast of information about the new anchor and web celebrities that have just joined the Asian Gaming to serve as Live Casino dealers.

Mobile Platform

Asia Gaming offers a mobile platform that is fast and stable; this includes Baccarat, Slots, and Casual games on this mobile platform at any location. These mobile platforms include:

AG App

AG App makes mobile gaming accessible anytime, anywhere. Asia Gaming offers a wide and growing mobile games portfolio on AG App. Their core games are on IOS and leading Android tablets and smartphones.

  • It offers players the Casino on the go
  • It provides cross-platform technology for mobile tablets
  • It showcases innovative designs and user-friendly navigation


Asia Gaming is dedicated to offering HTML5 Live Casino Games to all players, supporting all mobile devices.

  • It supports all mobile devices
  • It requires no download and installation
  • It features no delay when switching games
  • It showcases a variety of game choices: Live Casino, Slots, and Vintage Arcade Games

Asia Gaming Licensing

Asia Gaming is a trusted and reliable gaming software developer with a gaming license from First Cagayan and Gaming Laboratory International (GLI) certification.

Promotion and bonuses

Asia Gaming offers the world’s first GoodRoad; the notification shows in real-time and allows the player to place the bet in the same game interface. This saves time for changing the table and helps avoid miss placing a wager.


Asian Gaming offers over 100 games to the industry. The games are tailor-made to deliver the best gaming experience to slot game fans. The games include slots, table games, and video poker games.

Asia Gaming FAQ

In your bid to select a gaming provider, there are some things you must check out and critically look into to dispel existing doubts and reaffirm the authenticity of the casino provider. Below are frequently asked questions about Asia Gaming.

Asia Gaming is a live casino provider and the most innovative gaming software developer in Asia. The iGaming provider was established in 2012, with the most professional and creative thoughts committed to delivering reliable products and services that help enhance player experience generate increased visits and revenue by reflecting the brand images specifically. Since its inception, Asia Gaming has created some gaming experiences, including the world’s first ‘Pre-dealing 6 cards’, ‘VIP Private Room,’ ‘Squeeze Baccarat,’ and ‘Interactive Bid Baccarat,’ which brought surprises for the industry.

As a result of Asian Gaming’s commitment to excellence and trustworthiness, the gaming provider has pursued and obtained licensing and certifications in the iGaming markets to foster responsible gaming. The tested and trusted gaming software developer has a gaming license from First Cagayan and Gaming Laboratory International (GLI) certification.

This leading Asia, the iGaming solution provider, is renowned for providing quality and cutting-edge products. Asia Gaming renders affordable yet comprehensive solutions for gaming of any size, helping casino businesses to maximize every opportunity. Its products include Live Casino, Games, Branded Casino, and it has further developed a mobile platform that offers casino players a real casino experience every time.

Asia Gaming’s gaming portfolio is comprehensive and filled with engaging games. The games come in three main categories: Live Casino, fun, and Mobile Platform Games. Asian Gaming offers over 100 games to the industry. The games are tailor-made to deliver the best gaming experience to slot game fans for maximum players’ acquisition and retention. The games include slots, table games, and video poker games.

Asia Gaming offers cross-platform games. And it features a mobile platform that is fast and stable. The matches are compatible with all devices and are accessible at any location. You can thoroughly explore the wide world of HTML5 games crafted by Asia Gaming on any machine.

Asia Gaming offers the world’s first GoodRoad; the notification shows in real-time and allows players to place a bet in the same game interface. This saves time for the changing table and helps to avoid the chance of missing placing a wager.

SoftGamings’ unified API integration is well-packaged to seamlessly integrate the high-end games from Asia Gaming on any casino. The expert team at SoftGamings is responsible for overseeing operators’ daily requests while the skilled customer support specialists are always on the alert to solve potential issues and respond to routine queries. The customer support is available and accessible round the clock, 24/7.